Save time and reduce waste with stock control software.

Track what sells, and learn what doesn’t. Stock control software lets you track every stock movement, helps with stock forecasting and saves you time, all on your iPad.

  • Know exactly when to re-stock items with automated low-stock alerts.

  • Never let your customers down. Track your stock both in-store and online from one dashboard.

  • Make better business decisions. Predict trends, forecast sales, and order stock just in time with detailed stock reports.

retailer looking at stock on iPad

Make smarter, quicker decisions with real-time business reports & analytics.

Know what sells and what doesn’t, when to re-stock, and what staff are performing best with business reports and analytics. View reports anytime, anywhere, on your iPad.

  • Analyse sales, forecast trends, and learn more about your business.

  • Get full visibility over your stock with stock reports.

  • Track sales across multiple channels, online and offline.

Retailer reports

Turn your customers into loyal fans with customer loyalty software.

Generate more sales, spend less on marketing, and keep customers coming back to your store time and time again with customer loyalty software. Free for AirPOS customers.

  • Boost sales - loyalty programs boost sales by 20% on average and encourage customers to spend more.

  • Create personalised marketing messages based on past purchases.

  • Automatically reward customers with points when they purchase from you in-store.

golf loyalty system

Quick, secure, affordable integrated payments on your iPad POS system.

Keep customers happy with cash, card and contactless payments. Your retail POS system integrated with AirPOS Pay. Making payments quicker, and safer.

  • Speed up your checkout - integrated payments make taking payments faster.

  • Prevent fraud - no room for fraud, send transactions straight to your payment device.

  • Prevent human error - never type in the wrong amount at the card reader again.

AirPOS Pay payments

Get better customer support for your POS and payments 7 days per week, for free.

We understand that your POS system and your payments are critical for your business, which is why we provide fast and dedicated support, 7 days per week.

  • Available 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm.

  • Completely free for all AirPOS customers.

  • 24/7 help desk with easy-to-follow tutorials.

Customer support

Honest, transparent pricing. No contracts. Completely free with AirPOS Pay.

What you see is what you get. AirPOS is completely free with AirPOS Pay, or £49 if you want to use your own payment integrations, it’s that simple.

  • Completely free with AirPOS Pay.

  • Transparent, honest and affordable pricing, no contracts.

  • We don’t penalise you for growth, add as many products, employees, or devices as you need.

Golf POS pricing

"If you can work an iPad, you can set up and use AirPOS. It takes less than a minute to change a price, add an item or run a report. It’s the simplest point-of-sale I’ve ever used."

  • Oscar McCabe
  • Houseware Ireland