Prevent fraud and minimise waste with inventory reports.

Take control of your inventory and see every stock movement that happens in your retail business.

  • Know exactly how many items you have in each location and know exactly what is being sold in-store and online.

  • One dashboard and one version of the truth for better decision-making and better stock planning

  • Know who sold what, and when, and with what payment method.

Stock control

Analyse sales, forecast trends, and learn more about your business performance.

Grow your retail business with real-time sales reports and see how your business is performing anytime, anywhere.

  • Get better revenue forecasting with daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal trends.

  • Find out what isn’t selling, and run promotions to free up your stock room.

  • Know which employees are performing best and train those who need help.

Business reports and analytics

View your business in real-time, from anywhere with the reports app.

No need to wait for end-of-day reports, check the AirPOS reports app on your phone any time, anywhere to keep an eye on sales, inventory and staff performance.

  • Real-time up-to-date reports 24/7.

  • Reports available on the free reports app right on your mobile.

Retailer using AirPOS reports app

All the reports you need in one dashboard.

The one app to replace them all. Get all the reports you need on any device, helping you make better, more informed business decisions.

  • Track sales across multiple locations, online and offline.

  • Detailed daily, weekly, monthly, yearly sales reports.

  • Accurate and up to date stock reports, tracked across multiple locations.

Business reports and analytics
Shortcross Gin

"We run reports on daily sales and best sellers. The data and information that we get from AirPOS helps us to create and update menus based on best sellers and what the data says that our customers want."

  • Shortcross Gin
  • Rademon Estate