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What is an SKU?

What is an SKU number? How can retailers use them to improve business?

In the following guide, we take a look at SKU numbers and how retailers can use them to help improve their business. We also take a look at how retailers can create their own SKUs in-house.

Barcode stock control

Why retailers need barcodes for stock control and selling online

Barcodes are vital to your future success, whether you’re running a multi-store brick-and-mortar retail business or a small eCommerce store with big ambitions.

7 powerful ways an EPOS system improves retail inventory management

If retailers can agree on one thing, it’s that inventory management is an ongoing challenge, but luckily there’s now a solution to the age-old problem. Managing inventory is more challenging now than ever.

Windows POS System

Best Windows POS Systems for Irish Retailers

Do you have an old Windows till system and you're looking to upgrade to a cloud-based POS, but don't want to switch from Windows? Look no further. In the following article, we take a look at the top Windows POS systems for Irish retailers.

Best Android POS System

Best Android POS Systems for Irish Retailers

Choosing an Android POS system can be difficult, and knowing which one is best for retailers can be confusing. In the following article, we take a look at the most popular android systems and our recommendations for retailers.

Ecommerce retail

Best Ecommerce Platforms For Retail Businesses Ireland

The world of retail commerce can be frustrating and confusing, dominated by questions like, ‘which eCommerce platform should I choose and why?’

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